Saucy Mare (paper_bettyw) wrote,
Saucy Mare

i don't wanna draw anymore letters

procrastinating..i have to draw an H and a C for crit tomarrow. trust me kids, it's harder then it sounds.
made a dread brush today
typing on mansi's giant powerbook with pirated internet....sweet.
mansi smells like peanut butter and catfish
"i don't smell like catfish...peanut butter maybe."
anyway. jesus christ. i have 20 dollars left in all the world and still so much more to buy for school.
i need a job..i need a lot of things.
more then likely got into the typ class i need to get into..but i'm way the fuck behind. fantastic.
we have interesting our right, a biker nazi with third reich (sp?) tatoos and swasticas on doors. he gets into insane fights with his cracked out girlfriend. beneath us, a household full of gay men. lots and lots of them. or maybe it just seems like it. i always see lots of people inside that place. to our left, a man and a lady who have been having a garage sale since we moved in 2 and a half weeks ago. the wife likes to BLARE whitney houston and sing along loudly and horribley. i can hear her from inside my room. for now, it's amusing.
still sick..but getting better i think.

mansi says she smells dog and chicken and someone scratching their balls...i dunno either

i apologize to anyone who read this for wasting your time.
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