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out of the jaws of long island

so i'm back in good 'ol PA. i ate so much food in long island. that is all we ever do when we are there. i feel fat n sassy.

my sister seriously fucked up her face and knees. she was at the les claypool show, did some nitrous, passed out and landed knees then face to the pavement. her teeth hit her lip and split it entirely open. she has a huge abrasion under her eye and on part of her nose. her right shoulder and knees have no skin and are crazy bruised. hmmmm, good job there lady. and whats even better is that she got caught lieing to all of us about it. she said that she got knocked over by a fat man in a metallica shirt in the pit. but then someone sent my dad an im between her and someone else, so now she's grounded for the rest of the summer...

saw the missing pilots show tonight. i think i have a serious crush on 2 of the guys in that band. and they wiped snot on each other's shirts mid-show. precious.

christine and i sat on her front porch watching the bugs have sex with each other. she then shared with me her fear of creepy crawly things creepy crawling into her vagina. gross.
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